Admission Procedure

If you would like to apply to have your child registered with Madrasatus-Salaam, please ensure to read our full policy and fill our online application form bellow for admission into the academic year 21.22.

  1. Application for children other than reception class will be reviewed once assessments have been completed, you will be informed of the outcome.
  2. Online application does not guarantee a place as it’s the first step in the admission process.
  3. By signing & submitting the application the parent agrees to accept & abide by all regulations & policies of Madrasatus Salaam
  4. The following are required with application:
    • Birth certificate
    • Proof of address
    • Report of previous Madrasah if your child is coming from another Madrasah
    • **Character reference if no report is available
  5. Children who are accepted for “Reception” year must be 5 years of age & fully potty trained *more details in our policy.
  6. Children who are accepted for any other class (i.e From another madrasah) will be assessed and class allocation will be discussed with the Parent & then settled into the agreed class.
  7. Children who are accepted will have a 6-weeks settling-in trial period.
  8. Upon acceptance to Madrasah the following apply:
    1. One off £40 admin fee non refundable must be paid.
    2. First months’ fee paid in full in advance.

Application Form